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  • Initial & Limit Account Credit

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    11 September 2014
    e-Wallet - Your free online Bids-Plus payment solution
    The initial account credit for new memberships and the account debit limit have been updated (e-Wallet).
    • Previous settings where 50€ initial account credit and debit limit of 50€.
    • New settings are 100€ FREE initial account credit and a FREE debit limit of 100€.
    The new settings allows more flexibility to all users with a FREE 200€ (100€ credit + 100€ debit) range on the account balance for transactions.
    The initial account credit and debit limit can only be used for managing site fees, whereas the available credit indicated in the member's account can be used for all transactions.
    Reminder :
    - When you open a account with Bids-Plus, an account balance (e-Wallet) is available to all members to manage their transactions.
    - Members can use their full account balance to pay store fees.
    - Members can use their available account balance to purchase items, pay store fees, upload credit and withdraw funds.
    - All account balance transactions are completely free of any extra charge.