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  • Site Fees

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    What are and who pays for site fees on ?

    - All buyers do not pay any site fees for buying on
    - Buy and sell online for free with unlimited listings for a single or quantity of items as an auction and/or buy now.
    - Pay As You Sell: All the site fees are optional. Sellers may post a listing for a single, or quantity of items for FREE without selecting any payable options.
    - End of auction commission fees will only be charged to the seller if the item (or items) are sold and paid.
    - All site fees are indicated excluding VAT (tax). VAT is charged only to EU (European Union) members.
    - All other members worldwide outside the EU therefore do not pay VAT on site fees.
    - The VAT rate is 21% - Belgium.
    - EU business members with a valid intra-community EU VAT number may apply for tax exemption on site fees when they register, or after on the Manage Information page of the member's account Tax Exemption Request option for business clients.
    - Non-EU business members should not apply for tax exemption on site fees because they already do not pay VAT on site fees.

    Selling Fees

    Are there any fees to sell on ?

    - All selling fees are optional. This means that you do not have pay anything to be able to sell on
    - Members can therefore sell online for free, either a single or a quantity of items, and either as an auction or as a buy now listing with no limit. To increase you chances of selling, we provide listing and promotional features at a cost that are summerized on the Site Fees page.
    - If you sell an item, a FSF Commission (Final Sale Fee) will be charged to your account balance. A summary of FSF Commissions is also available on the Site Fees page.

    Store Fees

    And what about stores... are there any store fees involved ?

    - All members can open a store on
    - Members who open a store will be able to choose and sell exclusively in their personal store, on the main website, or in both.
    - Store types are dependant on how many listings that are active at any specific time in the store.
    - A recurring store fee is charged every 30 days with the amount depending on the store type.
    - A first level store is FREE and is available to all members.
    - For information on store types and monthly fees, please consult the Store Account Types section available on the Site Fees page, or for all store options and information please consult the Help > My Store page.