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    Bids-Plus is developed as a marketplace, an online platform with tools to facilitate and secure the exchange between members (buyers and sellers). Bids-Plus is also designed around facilitating the user experience, and particularly for sellers, creating an environment where their items can be offered for sale with ease and fulfillment. There are no personal limitations to becoming a member and therefore the same is for selling on Bids-Plus except of having a minimum age of 18 years and respecting the agreement and listing rules in the Seller's Agreement and Selling Rules sections outlined below.
    To start selling, all that has to be done is to register for free as a new member by filling out the registration form. A registration e-mail will be sent immediately to the e-mail address provided with a link to confirm registration. Once confirmed, full access to My Account will be granted with all the it's features. We offer our selling services as a Pay-As-You-Sell general rule. This means that all selling site fees are optional when listing an item for sale, and that sellers pay a commission (FSF - Final Sale Fees) only if the item is sold (see Site Fees section below or the Site Fees details page). Members can therefore list one, or a quantity of items on auction or direct sale for FREE. Bids-Plus however offers optional listing features which are payable to sellers who would want to give a higher exposure on their item(s) for sale. To start selling, all members have to do is to create a listing for their item(s) on the Sell Item page.

    The Seller's Agreement

    When selling an item, the seller agrees to the rules of the Seller's Agreement that :
    The seller is fully responsible for the accuracy and content of the listing and the item advertised until the passage of ownership to the buyer. The seller is equally accountable for the contact with other members, as well as the management of the transactions engaged on the website. Professional sellers also accept full responsibility for declaring (if applicable) the transactions completed on the website for any possible accounting obligations.
    This rule is only to enforce the terms and to protect other members. Failure to comply would be a breach of the Bids-Plus Terms & Conditions accepted by the member during registration with a risk of penalty and even account suspension on multiple misuse.

    Selling Rules

    To sell on Bids-Plus, members have to follow the listing rules of Limitations and Good Practices:
    - Sellers have to respect the law when selling prohibited items. Sellers therefore recognize full responsiblity in listing sensitive items for sale, and that what they are selling does not infringe on any local and/or international law (international sellers). Sensitive items could include firearms, any weapons, any type of explosive device, ammunition, knives...
    - Offensive, racial or ethnically inappropriate items, illegal and/or sexual in nature items or services, are strictly prohibited.
    - Counterfeit and unauthorized copies of items protected by copyrights and/or registered trademarks are prohibited.
    - Copy and/or reproduction of any content (images, downloads, text...) published by other members on Bids-Plus is prohibited.
    Good Practices
    Sellers Must:
    - Publish an accurate, clear, concise and honest description of the item(s) for sale.
    - State the accessories if included (or not included) with an item to limit any confusion, or possible disputes after.
    Example: Indicate that if selling only a cell phone that no accessories are included, or if included that it is sold with battery, charger, memmory card...
    - Select the correct category and/or categories that correspond to the item(s) for sale.
    - List items that physically available in the quantity proposed for sale, or guarantee the availability and quantity within the delay indicated in the description of the item.
    - Send the item bought and paid for by the buyer within the delay indicated in the item's description.
    Sellers Are Requested:
    - To accordingly manage transactions and all features in the member's account.
    - To replying rapidly to other member's messages (within 2 business days).
    Bids-Plus holds the right without prior notice to cancel any listing, to apply limitations and/or restrictions, to suspend a member's account, if they feel that the member has infringed any site policies, or that they have acted in a harmful manner to any other members.

    Selling Item(s)

    Items can be offered for sale on the Sell Item page in just 3 easy steps: Item Details, Settings and Shipping & Payment.
    Item Details
    Sellers can choose from 3 listing types (Full, Quick or Buy Now), and 3 sale types (Standard, Quantity or First Bidder) when listing an item and are known as selling options.
    - Full Listing offers all possible features to choose from.
    - Quick Listing offers all features less : Bid Increments, Item Featuring, Private Auction, Accept Price Offers, Accept Swap Offers and Disable AutoBid, and is a fast way of creating a listing with only the basic features available.
    - Buy Now Listing offers features only in association to a direct sale (not an auction) so less Bid Increments, Private Auction, Accept Price Offers, Accept Swap Offers and Disable AutoBid, and is for sellers who wish to sell item(s) directly at a fixed price.
    - Standard Sale is for the sale of one single item.
    - Quantity Sale is for the sale of a quantity of items.
    - First Bidder Sale is for the sale of one single item where the auction has bid decrements untill the first bid who automatically wins the auction.
    The relationship between these selling options are illustrated in the table below.
    Once the selling options are set, sellers will need to add an item title, description and choose an appropriate category.
    - Title: The item title is limited to 80 characters. Sellers are not allowed to add any HTML.
    - Description: A full HTML editor is provided to create an item description. No javascript is allowed in the item description. Sellers are not allowed to copy or duplicate item descriptions from other member's listings.
    - Category: The listing can be added to any main or sub-category that must correspond as best to the item's classification. If sellers do not find an suitable category, then they may Suggest A Category via the provided link. Sellers can also add the item to an additional category.
    The second step when creating a listing is the Settings page. This is where sellers will define the general settings and features for the item listing. The settings are divided into 3 major groups: Price Settings, Time and Bid Increment Settings, Featuring and Extra Option Settings.
    - Price Settings include the Currency, Starting Price, Reserve with Reserve Price, Buy Now with Buy Now Price and optional Apply Tax with link to configurate the Tax Rate Settings. The Apply Tax setting will automatically be enabled if the Tax Rate Settings are set, but sellers can enable or disable tax per listing. Apply Tax means that the price will be indicated with the sales tax per item included in the price at the tax rate set in Tax Rate Settings for buyers from the same country as the seller. Sales tax settings on items sold are only indicative on the website and therefore not contractual with Bids-Plus as it depends on each seller/buyer situation and their corresponding local tax laws. Sellers are solely responsable for any sales tax obligations (if applicable) on the sale of an item to a buyer. Generally, private sellers have no tax settings as no sales tax is charged on a private sale between members, and professional sellers charge sales tax depending on local take laws to buyers as is a commercial sale.
    - Time and Bid Increment Settings contains the Start Time which can be immediate or custom (future), the End Time (duration or custom), Bid Increment settings using either the built-in proportional bid increments or own custom bid increments. Bid Decrement settings are available for First Bidder auctions where the bid amount decreases untill a first bidder wins the auction. These settings include the Bid Decrement amount and the Decrement Interval in time.
    - Featuring and Extra Option Settings cover the Item Featuring settings (Home Page Featured, Category Page Featured, Highlighted Item and Bold Item); Private Auction setting whether the bidder username is hidden from other members but still visible to the seller; Accept Price Offers with price amount range and Accept Swap Offers settings and Disable AutoBid feature. AutoBid is where the maximum bid by a member is held in confidence by the system and is used only to maintain the bidder's top bid position automatically (proxy bid) or to meet the reserve price.
    Members can upload images, media/video and/or digital files to the item's listing on the Settings page.
    - Images are added either by file upload (formats jpeg, png, gif, bitmap...), or by URL link. The first two images uploaded are free, or there is an optional 6 image pack available to sellers who wish to add more images.
    - Media/Video are uploaded formats avi, mpeg, wmv, mov...), URL linked, or added using an embed code.
    - Sellers may offer Digital Items for sale on Bids-Plus. The files may be uploaded, or URL linked. The digital download link will be available to buyers for 10 days after the purchase date and payment.
    - An Auto Relist feature can be enabled either automatically and/or if the item is sold. The Number of Auto Relists may be set to a maximum of 20 times.
    - The Location of the item may also be indicated (country, city/town and postal code) in the item's listing.
    Shipping & Payment
    The Shipping & Payment page allows sellers to setup the shipping and payment methods and settings for the item listing.
    - The Shipping section allows for the seller to configurate the Shipping Conditions (whether the buyer or seller pays for shipping); If the seller ships internationally; If the seller wishes to add an optional Insurance amount; A textbox to add any possible shipping and/or payment instructions to be communicated directly in the listing to potential buyers, and the Shipping Method (choice from Standard, Registered, Express, Priority, First Class or Other). The shipping types, costs and locations must be set before on the Shipping Costs Setup page in the member's account.
    - Bids-Plus allows sellers to propose multiple Direct Payment methods to buyers. The choice of direct payment methods that the sellers offers to buyers may be configurated on the Manage Payments page in the member's account.
    - Sellers can also chose from many Offline Payment methods to present to buyers (eg: Bank Transfer, COD - Cash On Delivery, COP - Cash On Pickup, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cheques...).
    All that is left for sellers to publish their listing is to forward to the Preview page where they can view a screen preview of the listing, and summary of any fees, before clicking on the "List Now" button to confirm the item listing. Sellers can use the navigation buttons at the bottom of each page to change pages and make any changes if necessary. On the final Preview page, sellers may also Save As Draft a listing instead of listing the item immediately where they will be able to consult, modify and publish the listing at a later stage on the Drafts page in the member's account.