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  • Messaging & Mailings

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    Bids-Plus provides a question and messaging service on the website for all members. The these services is divided into two sections with seperate actions as detailed in the General Questions and Buyer & Seller Messenger sections below. All members should also be vigilant when using the internet and receiving messages or mailings (e-mails) from other members, or directly from Bids-Plus. Bids-Plus has optimized the security on all communications to members. We encrypt contents, provide functions, tools and tips on how members can verify the authenticity of messages and mailings (e-mails), recognize fake and illegal websites/webpages which might look well like Bids-Plus (but are not), and only have the intention of performing criminal activities and/or stealing personal information from members. All members must also respect the messaging Rules & Limitations stated below.

    Rules & Limitations
    Members must be clear, concise and neutral in all communications with other members.
    Strictly Forbidden in all messaging :
    - No advertising of any form.
    - No defamatory, inappropriate, abusive or bad language.
    - No political, racial, sexual, religious, social remarks.
    - Any communication that requests to perform a purchase/sale of an item on Bids-Plus without buying/selling the item first (circumventing site fees).
    Bids-Plus may not intervene and/or arbitrate specific messagings or communications between members. We will however perform systematic verifications on messages. Any abuse can also be reported by any member on the My Account » Report Abuse page in the member's personal account. A member who does not respect the rules and limitations for messaging, or is in violation of our Terms & Conditions, risks limitations and even immediat suspension to their account.

    General Questions (Q & A)
    All members can ask questions to sellers about an item for sale on the item's description page Ask the Seller a Question tab. The member may choose to send a private or public question to the seller when sending.
    Private questions and answers are only visible between the seller and the member who asks the question, where as public questions and answers are visible to all members. The seller's settings are automatically set to only private questions from members so not visible to others, but the seller may opt-in to Accept Public Questions on the Sell » Global Settings page in the member's personal account. Private and public question settings do not limit whether a question can be asked/sent or not, only whether the question and answer is visible to other members on the item's description page Ask the Seller a Question tab.
    The seller will be informed of all new questions by e-mail, as in their personal account, where they will be linked to the Ask the Seller a Question tab and can respond to and/or edit any previous answers. The sender of the question is also informed by the same methods when they receive a response and/or modified response to their question. General Questions works as question/answer system, so their may be only one question with one answer for each request and is linked to listing and/or item's description. Only questions concerning the listing and/or item should then be asked to the seller via the Ask the Seller a Question tab on the item's description page.
    All General Questions are also accessable on the member's personal account Messaging page and are titled Private Questions or Public Questions respectively.

    Buyer & Seller Messenger
    Once a purchase has been made, the buyer and seller can contact each other via the member's account Buy » Won Items, or Sell » Sold Items page respectively. A Contact Buyer, or Contact Seller link is available in options for the specific transaction.
    Messages between members after purchase are are only visible to those respective members and are known as Successful Sale messages.  The member is informed of a new message via e-mail and a notice in the header of the member's personal account. The messenger works like a conversation board where members can post as many messages/replies as they wish for the same item/transaction subject, and that the whole conversation is visible for that specific subject. Hosted images may be added to the message body as illustrations if needed.
    All buyer and seller messages are also accessable on the member's personal account Messaging page and are titled Successful Sale respectively.

    Spoofing & Phishing
    Criminals create fake e-mails with links to webpages that may look similar to the Bids-Plus website and webpages (but are not) in attempt to steal personal information from inadvertent members. This is called Spoofing or Phishing, and is illegal. Members should therefore be extremely cautious if they receive any e-mails with links to websites and webpages that ask the member to communicate personal information as :
    Bids-Plus will never ask a member to communicate any personal information that we already have received from the member during registration.
    Bids-Plus will therefore never ask a member information that is already communicated in the member's personal account (username, password, e-mail, name, address, phone number, date-of-birth...), or any sensitive information such as credit card numbers, pin/security codes, CVV codes etc...
    All Bids-Plus e-mails are sent through a SSL/TLS secured independent server.
    • Bids-Plus also offers an e-mail verification function for all e-mails sent to members. A copy of each e-mail sent to members along with a unique e-mail identification (eID) is registered by Bids-Plus. A member can therefore verify an e-mail's authenticity by simply connecting to their personal account and entering the eID received in the e-mail on the My Account » Verify E-mail (eID) page.
    i) A correct eID confirms that a message was sent to that specific member, and that the content of the e-mail received can be verified with the copy of the message provided on eID authentification.
    ii) A correct eID does not confirm that the e-mail is authentic (the e-mail must be verified with the copy message provided on eID authentification).
    Spoofing or Phishing is hence no longer possible because even if the eID is copied and used in an illegally modified e-mail, the illegal e-mail will never correspond to the copy message provided on eID authentification, even if the copied eID is authentic. The eID is also linked to the member, so only the member who the e-mail was intended for can verify an eID authentification, and only once logged into their personal account.
    • E-mails and messages sent are either temporary (erased once sent), or Bids-Plus encrypts the copies of e-mails on our servers with a 256-bit encryption so that even the message content is not readable in our database.

    Real Bids-Plus Website Links & Webpages
    Members should be very cautious when receiving messages or e-mails that request information or have links to webpages that request information. These pages may well look very real, but it is very important to verify first that what you are seeing is well from Bids-Plus. The member can should make certain checks.
    • All e-mail can be verified with the eID authentification method detailed above in the Spoofing & Phishing section.
    • Bids-Plus will never ask any personal information via e-mail. If you feel that the e-mail received is questionable, please contact us immediately.
    • Bids-Plus will always address the e-mail directly to the member "Dear John Doe".
    • Bids-Plus will never send attachments, nor make flagrant spelling or grammar errors.
    URL Links (Websites & Webpages)
    - The URL address of a link for Bids-Plus everywhere, and hence in messages or e-mails, will ALWAYS begin with the URL .... and nothing else!
    Are Bids-Plus links :,page,content_pages,name,4122157,auction_id,auction_details,message_handle,425235,winner_id,message_board
    Are not Bids-Plus links : (examples)
    As a general rule, you must always make sure that there is absolutely nothing before and/or after except the forward slash (/). If a member is not sure about a link they can always start from the homepage or contact us and communicate to us the suspected link.