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    All members may open a store on Bids-Plus. Stores have multiple advantages and features for listing items, and offer a greater visibility for the seller and their items to potential buyers. Stores types and fees are classified by the number of items that can be listed in the store, and the features and advantages offered. There are also a multitude of customizable settings and content available as described below.

    Store Fees
    Store fees are charged on a monthly 30-days cycle subscription depending on the store type. Store type upgrades are possible during the subscription period where the difference will only be charged depending on the upgrade date. The store subscription is charged automatically to the sellers account balance, and the details and invoice can be viewed on the My Account » Account History page in the member's personal account with Store Subscription Payment - (store type) as payment details. The following store fees are indicated excluding sales tax (VAT), with VAT only charged to EU members. The VAT is 21% (example: An EU member will be charged 41,32€ + 21% VAT = 50€ for an Expert store subscription).
    EU business members with a valid intra-community EU VAT number may apply for tax exemption on store fees when they register, or after on the My Account » Manage Information page of the member's personal account Tax Exemption Request option for business clients. Non-EU business members should not apply for tax exemption on store fees because they already do not pay VAT on store fees.

    Features, Settings & Advantages
    Store features and settings are available for all store types and can be configurated via the My Store menu in Extras of the member's personal account.
    - Custom store URL link.
    - Custom personalisation for branding such as logo, pages (About Us, Specials, Shipping, Terms), categories, store description and meta description.
    - Custom styling such as layouts, colors, themes and design templates.
    - Featured Stores for Pro, Expert and Platinum store subscriptions are predominant on the Stores directory page, and therefore have a greater visibility.
    - Members may also create a password access to their store for limited member access.
    Stores also have a site fees advantage where no site fees are charged if the listing is posted only in the store. This means that all available options are free of any charge for store only listings and summerized in comparison to site and both site and store listings in the table below.
    Summary listing features in Site, Store or both Site and Store |