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    A short introduction on what the site is about and how to register

    Welcome to !
 is an online international marketplace and partner network (like any open market) where members are brought together to bid, make offers, swap, buy, sell and advertise items and/or services. The platform is based around it's members and their needs to facilitate the contact and secure the transactions between users depending on their status (buyer or seller).
    • All sellers can create listings of items for sale as an auction, direct sale (Buy Now option), accept offers, and/or swap in a variety of different ways for a single, or for a quantity amount of items.
    • All buyers can place bids on auctions, buy immediately (Buy Now option), place offers, and/or swap either for a single, or for a quantity amount of items.
    Free Registration ! Enjoy the website and use responsibly as it will benefit you as a member, and therefore other members too.


    A few general rules to register to

    - There is no fee to join, so the registration and membership is free of any charge.
    - Anybody worldwide may become a member as long as they have a minimum age of 18 years.

    Individual or Business Membership

    Are you registering as an individual or for a business ?

    - New users may join as an individual or as a business.
    - Business members have the possibility to enter a business/company name and optional VAT (Tax) number. This information will be indicated on all sales receipts/invoices.
    - Existing members have the possibility to change their membership type at any moment on the Manage Information page of the member's account.
    - All members may sell, or buy any items available on the website.

    Main Details

    What is needed to register, and how to manage your personal details

    - All new users must indicate their personal details during registration.
    - Only the following personal details will be needed to register as a new member: Full Name, address (street, number, town and country), date of birth and e-mail address.
    - Special care should be taken when filling out any personal details as these details are necessary to manage transactions (ie: Shipping address, contact information...) so should be double-checked before confirming registration.
    - Existing members have the possibility to change their personal details at any moment on the Manage Information page of the member's account.
    - All member's personal information is protected and remains confidential, and therefore will never be communicated to other members except if necessary to correctly manage transactions.
    - Bids-Plus will never ask for any sensitive information from members, and members should never communicate sensitive information to any other members (eg: Login information, password, credit card number, secret codes (CVV or PIN codes)...etc).

    Account Details

    A valid e-mail address and activation key to secure your registration

    - A valid e-mail address is associated with each member's account, so a current and active e-mail address will need to be communicated, accessed and confirmed to validate your membership.
    - New members will be asked to create their own personal username (pseudo) during registration. This username will be used to identify that member to all other members throughout the website so it will need to be unique. The username will be checked for validity during registration and cannot be modified thereafter.
    - Existing members have the possibility to modify their e-mail address at any time on the Manage Information page of the member's account.
    - An Activation Key will be communicated by e-mail after registration and needs to be kept secure as needed to request a new password if necessary.
    - Existing members have the possibility to modify their account password by requesting a new password on the Request New Password page.

    Account Balance & Direct Payment Settings

    Your online account balance (e-Wallet) to receive and send payments, upload and withdraw credit, all for free !

    - When registering, the new member will be issued with an Account Balance (e-Wallet) that the member can use to receive and send payments, as well as upload and withdraw credit with their PayPal or bank account, all for free !
    - A direct payment (PayPal) e-mail address can be communicated on the Manage Payments page of the member's account to enable a direct payment of bought items for buyers, to receive direct payments for sold items for sellers, to pay site fees, and to upload or withdraw credit from the online Account Balance (e-Wallet).

    Terms & Conditions

    The rules and limitations that keep you satisfied

    - The Terms & Conditions must be accepted to confirm member registration.

    Privacy Policy

    What we do to keep your personal information confidential

    - For more information about personal information and security, please consult the Privacy Policy.