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  • Your Account

    Open or Close


    The sections of your account and why get it verified ?

    - When you register with Bids-Plus, a personal account will be opened to manage your transactions and all options.
    - Your personal account is divided into seven sections :
    My Account - Messaging - Buy - Sell - Feedback - Dispute Manager - Extras
    - A refundable verification fee of 1€ will be charged to either or both buyer's and/or seller's direct payment method if they wish to get their account verified.
    The verified account is shown to other members and is an advantage to both buyers and sellers.

    Account Balance (e-Wallet)

    Your account balance and what it can be used for ?

    - When you open a account with Bids-Plus, an account balance is available to all members to manage their transactions.
    - Members can use their full account balance to pay store fees.
    - Members can use their available account balance to purchase items, pay store fees, upload credit and withdraw funds.
    - All account balance transactions are free of any extra charge.
    - Advantages:
    i) No extra payment fees - Upload credit to your account for free from PayPal or by International Bank Transfer and use that credit to make purchases free of any extra payment charges and/or commissions.
    ii) Free funds withdrawl - Withdraw funds from your account balance to your personal account for free. Funds can be transfered to a PayPal account or to an International Bank Account (IBAN) via Bank Transfer.
    iii) Enhanced security - Payment security ensured to both buyers and sellers when using the account balance to pay for purchase.
    Buyer Protection: Payment kept on hold to the seller and released only if the seller completes the transaction (buyer receives and is satified with the item purchased).
    Seller Protection: Guaranteed direct payment for the item purchased (if seller obligations are fulfilled) at no extra cost. The held payment is controlled only by Bids-Plus. Automatic release of withheld payment after 45 days from purchase date even if the buyer does not send indication to release payment (unless dispute in progress).
    iv) Extra security - Transaction controls and systems available to both buyers and sellers.
    Eliminate foul play with dispute resolution system (Non-Received/Wrong Item and/or Withheld Payment disputes).
    The Pending Payments manager in the member's account is for all members (buyers and sellers) to control and manage open pending payments.
    Track records of all transactions and managing directives to ensure a maximum control and regulation to all members: Contact, Status Indicators, Send Reminders, Dispute Management & Mediation.

    My Account

    Managing your account information, payments, refund requests, your transaction history and reporting abuse

    Manage Information
    The Manage Information page is used to modify any account personal information: Account Type (individual or business), Name, Address and E-mail Address.
    Manage Payments
    The Manage Payments page is used to see global information on the account, dispute information, and the account balance. The account balance can also be ajusted (upload credit and/or withdraw funds). Members can also modify any payment information: Billing Address, Direct Payment Settings and Bank Transfer Details (Withdraw bank details  and/or seller bank details which are communicated to buyers on item purchase if sellers accept payments from buyers via bank transfer).
    Pending Payments
    If buyers pay their purchases with their account balance (e-wallet), buyers can manage, and sellers control, the pending payments held by Bids-Plus to ensure the correct completion of transactions on the Pending Payments page of the member's account. The pending payments are divided into two sections depending on the relation of the member to the transaction.
    - As Buyer:
    Buyers can follow purchases paid with their account balance and held temporarily by Bids-Plus untill the seller completes their obligations. Information provided includes the pending payment status and action options available to the buyer. These actions include contacting the seller, releasing the payment, and release reminders received from the seller. Buyers also have the obligation to inform Bids-Plus that they have received and are satified with their purchase to enable Bids-Plus to release the pending payment to sellers. If buyers do not comply promptly (with no buyer dispute in progress - Non-Received/Wrong Item), they risk after three reminders the opening of a Withheld Payment dispute by the seller.
    - As Seller:
    Sellers can follow the payments paid by buyers with their account balance and held temporarily by Bids-Plus untill the seller completes their obligations. Information provided includes the pending payment status and action options available to the seller. These actions include contacting the buyer, sending release reminders to the buyer and opening if necessary (after three reminders) a Withheld Payment dispute against the buyer. Sellers have the obligation to respect the item description and shipping information provided for the item they sell. The sooner the seller sends the item, the sooner the buyer will receive the item bought and informs Bids-Plus to release the pending payment to the seller. If sellers do not ship rapidly and/or respect the item description provided to buyers, they risk not only the opening of a Non-Received/Wrong Item dispute by the buyer, but also the prolonged delay for the release of the pending buyer's payment.
    Withdraw Funds
    All members may withdraw funds from their account balance to their personal private or business bank account and/or PayPal account. All withdraw requests are free of any charges and can be requested on the Transfer Credit page of the member's account. The withdraw details and status can be verified in the Withdraw History of the same section. Successful withdraw requests are confirmed within 1-2 business days for PayPal transfers and 2-3 business days for International Bank Transfers. Withdraw requests to an international bank account requires an International Bank Account Number (IBAN), Account Name (holder), Bank Name and bank BIC/SWIFT Code. No withdraw requests will be possible unless all the information required is provided.
    Refund Requests (FSF)
    Final Sale Fees (FSF) refunds can be requested by sellers for transactions where the buyer did not pay for their purchase. The Final Sale Fee is the commission fee charged by Bids-Plus to seller on a successful sale. Bids-Plus oversees FSF refunds to control and enforce site policies to members who do not pay for their purchases. Sellers will therefore be required to open an Unpaid Item dispute and report the dispute to our site mediator to qualify for a FSF refund. FSF refund requests can be controlled on the Refund Requests (FSF) page of the member's account. Buyers who do not pay for their purchases are issued a Unpaid Item flag visible to other members. Multiple flags (5) will result in account limitations, and even account suspension.
    Account History
    The Account History page of the member's account is also used to see global information on the account, notified dispute information, and the account balance. The account balance can be equally adjusted (upload credit and/or withdraw funds). A date/period select and proceed button is available to view a detailed table about all account balance movement and details: Transaction ID, Details, Document, Type, Date, Amount and Balance. This information helps members identify and control all account balance transactions with available documents and details.
    Report Abuse
    Members may report any abuse of our Terms & Conditions by other members on the Report Abuse page of the member's account. Any report filed must be neutral, justified and detailed so that we can conduct a thorough investigation into the abuse signaled.