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  • Don't Wait... AutoBid !

    Open or Close
    05 August 2015


    Relax... we will bid for you increasing your chances of winning an auction !

    Tired of waiting 'till an auction ends for a small chance of having the winning bid ? 

    Autobid | Free automatic bidding on online auctions

    That's alot of unknowns... but, I guess that is why auctions and bidding are so exciting! How's about giving yourself a better chance of actually winning an auction by simply placing your highest possible bid, and let us take care of the rest. No more late nights, early mornings or missed opportunities trying to win an auction - I'm sure you have better things to do with your precious time !
    There is nothing simpler then just placing a maximum bid (the maximum price that you are willing to spend to buy the item) in same box as a normal bid - Not only will you have the current winning bid, but we will also automatically place the next winning bid at the next bid increment for you if you are outbid by another bidder. The best thing is that even if you are still outbid by another bidder at the end of the auction, we will place the winning bid for you, as long as it is within your original maximum bid.
    And that's it ! You will only pay your winning bid, and the AutoBid service is 100% free to all members.
    Reminder :
    - You are guaranteed to win the auction as long as the winning bid is less or equal to your maximum bid.
    - You will only pay the winning bid, and the amount will always be less or equal to your maximum bid.
    - Your maximum bid is private and strictly confidential, so remains hidden from all other members.
    - AutoBid is active on all auctions unless the seller disables the option when creating a new listing.
    - The AutoBid status is indicated in the status bar below the item's title on the auction page.
    - AutoBid is also known or recognized under other names such as Auction Sniping.
    - In the case of a reserve, the maximum bid must be equal to, or higher than, the reserve price.
  • Auction & Buy Now FREE

    Open or Close
    03 February 2015
    Both the Auction and Buy Now listing options are totally FREE of charge for sellers.
    This is valid for all types of sellers (private or business), and for both sale types (Standard or Quantity).
    Sellers can now create listings of items for sale either as an auction, buy now, auction and buy now, or first bidder free of charge.
    Reminder :
    - A Standard sale type is for the sale of one item, where a Quantity sale type is the sale of a quantity of items. Both sale types are valid for auction and/or buy now listings.
    - A First Bidder auction is an auction where the first bidder will automatically win the item for sale. The price decreases in time (both amount and time set by the seller) in bid decrements (limited by the set reserve price) from the starting price until won by the first bidder.
  • Advanced Featured Stores Layout

    Open or Close
    02 December 2014
    Use your creativity and set the layout and design of your featured store to suit your personal needs. 
    An Advanced Layout feature is now available to all members who have Featured Stores.
    The Advanced Layout feature enables Featured Store owners to personalize the design, layout and settings of their store to their specific needs. These settings include:
    • Advanced View - Customized and advanced store layout with only your store header, categories, pages and items.
    • Store Background Image - Personal store background image which replaces the site default background.
    • Store Background Image Position - Positioning of store background image using the CSS background-position property.
    • Store Background Color - Can be use with the store background image or alone.
    • Store Content Layout Features - Features which will overide the corresponding store theme settings.
    • Store Content Layout - Adaptive or fixed store content width.
    • Store Content Background Color - Personal store content background color which replaces the store theme default background.
    • Store Content Background Opacity - Transparency setting of the contents to the store background settings.
    • Store Content Border - Width, style and color of the store content border.

    The store subscription can be adapted to a Featured Store subscription on the Member's Area » My Store » Store Settings page, and the Advanced Layout feature is found on the Member's Area » My Store » Store Design & Pages page.
    Examples of Featured Stores with the Advanced Layout feature activated are found on the Stores Index page.
  • Sellers Accept Pick Up

    Open or Close
    02 October 2014
    Sellers can now accept the pick up of the item(s) sold by the buyer at a designated address.
    When creating a new listing, and if the seller accepts pick-ups, he or she can choose between two options in Shipping & Payment to accept pick-ups. These options are are Pick-Ups Accepted or Pick-ups Only.
    Pick-Ups Accepted : The buyer may pick up their purchase at the item's location indicated by the seller when listing the item and on the item's description page.
    Pick-Ups Only (no shipping) : The buyer can only pick up their purchase at the item's location indicated by the seller when listing the item and on the item's description page. - all shipping options for this item will and/or global shipping settings will be deactivated (not visible).
    These new options can be used by the seller if (for example) as a service to local buyers, if the item is too large, if the item is too expensive or only transportable at the buyer's own risk...etc.
    Reminder :
    - The buyer must contact the seller before and/or after their purchase if they have any questions concerning pick-ups, to inform the seller that they wish to pick up their purchase and for the pick-up details (full adress, date, time...).
    - Sellers can link (but not always) the pick-up options with the payment option Cash-On-Pickup or other. This means that a pick-up option can, but doesn't necessary mean that the buyer may pay on pick-up (example: if upfront payment, direct payment or payment in advance required...).
  • Unlimited Custom Store Categories

    Open or Close
    23 September 2014
    Custom Store Categories
    The personal categories and custom categories features in stores for selling have been updated on
    Sellers who own online stores on our website can now use any, choose default, or create unlimited custom categories to use and show in their personal online store. These new features are extended not only to the main categories, but also to all possible sub-categories on multiple levels.
    • Sellers can create and manage custom categories/sub-categories on multiple levels.
    • Sellers can use all or selected default categories/sub-categories in store.
    • Sellers can use all or selected default categories/sub-categories with selected custom categories/sub-categories in store.
    • Sellers can choose which created custom categories/sub-categories to use and show in the store with custom or default alphabetical order.
    • Created and selected custom categories/sub-categories show and remain in the language created so no translation is necessary.
    Sellers can create and activate their personal stores on the Extras » My Store » Store Settings page, and manage their custom categories on the Extras » My Store » Custom Categories, both in the member's account section.
  • Site SEO URL Update

    Open or Close
    18 September 2014
    Search Engine Optimization - SEO
    Certain of the websites URL links have been updated for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes.
    • SEO is essential to creating an easy and seamless user experience.
    • SEO communicates to search engines the user's intentions so they can recommend the webpage in relevant searches.
    • SEO determines the page rank in search engines therefore enhances the visibility of auctions, stores, categories... on the web.
    The following URL's / Sections have been modified :
    Item Listing Page
    before - TITLE),name,(AUCTION ID),auction_id,auction_details
    now - TITLE)-(AUCTION ID).html
    Category Pages
    before - NAME),category,(CATEGORY ID),parent_id,categories
    now - NAME),categories,(CATEGORY ID).html
    Store Pages
    before - NAME),name,(USER ID),user_id,shop
    now - NAME),(USER ID).html
    The names and titles are stripped of any special characters and converted to lowercase with hyphens (-) replacing spaces.
    Example :
    listing title - Apple Iphone 6 black complete box & all accessories - NEW NEVER USED
    becomes URL link -
  • Initial & Limit Account Credit

    Open or Close
    11 September 2014
    e-Wallet - Your free online Bids-Plus payment solution
    The initial account credit for new memberships and the account debit limit have been updated (e-Wallet).
    • Previous settings where 50€ initial account credit and debit limit of 50€.
    • New settings are 100€ FREE initial account credit and a FREE debit limit of 100€.
    The new settings allows more flexibility to all users with a FREE 200€ (100€ credit + 100€ debit) range on the account balance for transactions.
    The initial account credit and debit limit can only be used for managing site fees, whereas the available credit indicated in the member's account can be used for all transactions.
    Reminder :
    - When you open a account with Bids-Plus, an account balance (e-Wallet) is available to all members to manage their transactions.
    - Members can use their full account balance to pay store fees.
    - Members can use their available account balance to purchase items, pay store fees, upload credit and withdraw funds.
    - All account balance transactions are completely free of any extra charge.
  • Listing Image Pack Update

    Open or Close
    10 September 2014
    The number of images allowed in a listing and the Image Pack listing option has been updated.
    • The previous settings were 1 image for free and an optional Image Pack of maximum 6 images for a fee of €1,00*.
    • The new settings have doubled the advantage as 2 images for free and an optional Image Pack of maximum 12 images for a fee of €1,00*.

    * Including VAT only if applicable