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  • Auction & Buy Now FREE

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    03 February 2015
    Both the Auction and Buy Now listing options are totally FREE of charge for sellers.
    This is valid for all types of sellers (private or business), and for both sale types (Standard or Quantity).
    Sellers can now create listings of items for sale either as an auction, buy now, auction and buy now, or first bidder free of charge.
    Reminder :
    - A Standard sale type is for the sale of one item, where a Quantity sale type is the sale of a quantity of items. Both sale types are valid for auction and/or buy now listings.
    - A First Bidder auction is an auction where the first bidder will automatically win the item for sale. The price decreases in time (both amount and time set by the seller) in bid decrements (limited by the set reserve price) from the starting price until won by the first bidder.