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  • Site SEO URL Update

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    18 September 2014
    Search Engine Optimization - SEO
    Certain of the websites URL links have been updated for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes.
    • SEO is essential to creating an easy and seamless user experience.
    • SEO communicates to search engines the user's intentions so they can recommend the webpage in relevant searches.
    • SEO determines the page rank in search engines therefore enhances the visibility of auctions, stores, categories... on the web.
    The following URL's / Sections have been modified :
    Item Listing Page
    before - TITLE),name,(AUCTION ID),auction_id,auction_details
    now - TITLE)-(AUCTION ID).html
    Category Pages
    before - NAME),category,(CATEGORY ID),parent_id,categories
    now - NAME),categories,(CATEGORY ID).html
    Store Pages
    before - NAME),name,(USER ID),user_id,shop
    now - NAME),(USER ID).html
    The names and titles are stripped of any special characters and converted to lowercase with hyphens (-) replacing spaces.
    Example :
    listing title - Apple Iphone 6 black complete box & all accessories - NEW NEVER USED
    becomes URL link -