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  • Don't Wait... AutoBid !

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    05 August 2015


    Relax... we will bid for you increasing your chances of winning an auction !

    Tired of waiting 'till an auction ends for a small chance of having the winning bid ? 

    Autobid | Free automatic bidding on online auctions

    That's alot of unknowns... but, I guess that is why auctions and bidding are so exciting! How's about giving yourself a better chance of actually winning an auction by simply placing your highest possible bid, and let us take care of the rest. No more late nights, early mornings or missed opportunities trying to win an auction - I'm sure you have better things to do with your precious time !
    There is nothing simpler then just placing a maximum bid (the maximum price that you are willing to spend to buy the item) in same box as a normal bid - Not only will you have the current winning bid, but we will also automatically place the next winning bid at the next bid increment for you if you are outbid by another bidder. The best thing is that even if you are still outbid by another bidder at the end of the auction, we will place the winning bid for you, as long as it is within your original maximum bid.
    And that's it ! You will only pay your winning bid, and the AutoBid service is 100% free to all members.
    Reminder :
    - You are guaranteed to win the auction as long as the winning bid is less or equal to your maximum bid.
    - You will only pay the winning bid, and the amount will always be less or equal to your maximum bid.
    - Your maximum bid is private and strictly confidential, so remains hidden from all other members.
    - AutoBid is active on all auctions unless the seller disables the option when creating a new listing.
    - The AutoBid status is indicated in the status bar below the item's title on the auction page.
    - AutoBid is also known or recognized under other names such as Auction Sniping.
    - In the case of a reserve, the maximum bid must be equal to, or higher than, the reserve price.